The Art of Selling Digital Products: 100 Ideas That Sell

Top Trending and Profitable Digital Products to Start Selling Online

In the ever-evolving creator economy, selling digital products on your website, blog or online store can be a lucrative way to monetize your brand while adding another stream of income to complement your existing content and offerings.

Whether you’re a seasoned shop owner or moonlight content creator looking for another stream of income; here are 100 digital product ideas to sell on Gumroad, Fourthwall, Ko-fi or any online marketplace today. While this list is comprehensive based on experience and research; it’s not all-inclusive. Use these ideas to create and sell digital product that connect with your audience and amplify your brand. View examples>

100 Digital Products to Sell

  1. E-books: Tailored to a creator’s niche, offering expert advice or unique stories (interactive preview).

  2. Online Courses: Creators can share their knowledge in a structured format.

  3. Webinars/Exclusive Events: Live, interactive sessions on specific topics.

  4. Podcasts: Audio content on niche topics, behind-the-scenes content, or creator interviews.

  5. Software Presets: For photo/video editing or music production.

  6. Emotes/Emojis: For use during Twitch or YouTube live streams and Discord Servers.

  7. Streaming & Channel Art: Stream Scenes, Transitions, Widgets, Twitch Panels, Subscriber/Bit Badges and more for YouTube, Kick, and Facebook Content Creators.

  8. Digital Artwork: Images for desktop backgrounds, printing, or personal use.

  9. Photography: High-resolution images for wallpapers or prints.

  10. Merchandise Design Templates: Customizable designs for creator merchandise.

  11. Music Tracks/Sound Effects: For use in videos, podcasts, or live streams.

  12. Exclusive Videos: Behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, or extended cuts.

  13. Virtual Meet-and-Greets: Personalized video messages or live virtual meetings.

  14. Cooking Recipes: For food bloggers or cooking channels.

  15. Fitness Plans: For fitness influencers.

  16. Beauty Tutorials: Step-by-step guides for makeup, skincare, or hair care.

  17. Fashion Lookbooks: Digital collections of outfit ideas or fashion trends.

  18. DIY Guides: Step-by-step instructions for crafts, home decor, or other DIY projects.

  19. Coloring Pages: Printable or digital coloring pages for artists or children’s channels.

  20. Comic Strips: For illustrators or comic creators.

  21. Animated Stickers (GIFS): For messaging apps, social media, or GIPHY brand channels.

  22. 3D Models: For game developers, animators, or 3D printing enthusiasts.

  23. Virtual Reality Experiences: For VR creators or tech channels.

  24. Language Learning Materials: For educational channels or language tutors.

  25. Travel Guides: For travel vloggers or bloggers.

  26. Mental Health Resources: Guides, tips, or strategies for mental wellbeing.

  27. Budgeting Templates: For finance bloggers or advisors.

  28. Gaming Guides: Tips, strategies, or walkthroughs for gaming channels.

  29. eZines: Digital magazines on a creator’s niche topic.

  30. Mobile Apps: Custom apps related to a creator’s content or brand.

  31. Desktop Software: Tools or utilities created by tech-savvy creators.

  32. Interactive Quizzes: Fun, branded quizzes for audience engagement.

  33. Lightroom Presets: For photographers or photo-editing tutorials.

  34. Photoshop Actions: For graphic designers or digital artists.

  35. Procreate Bundles: For digital artists or illustrators (Brush Sets, Color Palettes, Textures, etc.).

  36. Ableton Live Packs: For music producers or DJs.

  37. Video LUTs: For videographers or filmmakers.

  38. WordPress Plugins: For bloggers or web developers.

  39. After Effects Templates: For video editors or animators.

  40. 3D Printing Files: For makers, hobbyists, or educators.

  41. CAD Models: For engineers, architects, or designers.

  42. Game Assets: For game developers or enthusiasts (e.g. Rocket League Decals, game icons, sprites, tilesets, GUI, characters, etc.).

  43. Custom Fonts: For graphic designers or typographers.

  44. Icon Sets: For web designers or app developers.

  45. UI Kits: For UX/UI designers or app developers.

  46. Email Templates: For marketers or entrepreneurs.

  47. CV Templates: For career coaches or business influencers.

  48. Business Plan Templates: For entrepreneurs or business channels.

  49. Marketing Strategy Templates: For marketing gurus or business influencers.

  50. Stock Video Clips: For filmmakers or video creators.

  51. Music Samples: For music producers or DJs.

  52. Sound Libraries: For sound designers or filmmakers.

  53. Sheet Music: For musicians or music teachers.

  54. MIDI Files: For music producers or composers.

  55. Coding Tutorials: For programmers or tech channels.

  56. SEO Guides: For digital marketers or bloggers.

  57. Affiliate Marketing Guides: For entrepreneurs or business influencers.

  58. Crypto Investment Guides: For finance gurus or crypto channels.

  59. Influencer Marketing Guides: For aspiring influencers or marketers.

  60. Social Media Strategy Guides: For marketers or social media influencers.

  61. Podcasting Guides: For aspiring podcasters or radio hosts.

  62. YouTube Channel Growth Guides & Templates: For aspiring YouTubers or video creators (e.g. Storyboard).

  63. Twitch Streaming Guides: For aspiring Twitch streamers or gamers.

  64. TikTok Virality Guides: For aspiring TikTokers or social media influencers.

  65. Instagram Growth Guides: For aspiring Instagrammers or photographers.

  66. Screenwriting Guides: For aspiring screenwriters or filmmakers.

  67. Novel Writing Guides: For aspiring authors or writers.

  68. Poetry Collections: For poets or literature channels.

  69. Play Scripts: For playwrights or theatre channels.

  70. Stand-up Comedy Scripts: For comedians or entertainment channels.

  71. Magic Trick Tutorials: For magicians or entertainment channels.

  72. Juggling Tutorials: For circus performers or entertainment channels.

  73. Dance Choreography Videos: For dancers or dance channels.

  74. Yoga Class Videos: For yogis or fitness channels.

  75. Meditation Audio Guides: For wellness gurus or spirituality channels.

  76. Astrology Readings: For astrologers or spirituality channels.

  77. Tarot Card Readings: For tarot readers or spirituality channels.

  78. Numerology Reports: For numerologists or spirituality channels.

  79. Feng Shui Guides: For feng shui consultants or lifestyle channels.

  80. Essential Oil Guides: For aromatherapists or wellness channels.

  81. Herbal Medicine Guides: For herbalists or wellness channels.

  82. Homeopathy Guides: For homeopaths or wellness channels.

  83. Reiki Session Recordings: For reiki practitioners or spirituality channels.

  84. Hypnotherapy Session Recordings: For hypnotherapists or wellness channels.

  85. Life Coaching Session Recordings: For life coaches or self-help channels.

  86. Career Coaching Session Recordings: For career coaches or business channels.

  87. Parenting Advice E-books: For parenting experts or family channels.

  88. Homeschooling Resources: For educators or homeschooling channels.

  89. DIY Home Improvement Guides: For DIY enthusiasts or home channels.

  90. Gardening Guides: For gardeners or nature channels.

  91. Pet Care & Aquarium Setup Guides: For pet trainers, aquarists, nature enthusiasts or animal channels.

  92. Bird Watching Guides: For birdwatchers or nature channels.

  93. Stargazing Guides: For astronomers or science channels.

  94. Meteorology Guides: For weather enthusiasts or science channels.

  95. Geology Guides: For geologists or science channels.

  96. Biology Study Guides: For biology teachers or education channels.

  97. Physics Experiment Guides: For physics teachers or education channels.

  98. Chemistry Lab Guides: For chemistry teachers or education channels.

  99. Math Problem Sets: For math teachers or education channels.

  100. Adoptables: Original characters with limited or exclusive ownership (popular on DeviantArt).

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